About Us

Sawadi Grand Chalets is a unique and an ideal place to have fun and memorable times, with your family and friends. The resort comprises facilities and spectacular playgrounds for sportive and social events with special services to institutions, companies and businessmen. The Resort provides a pleasant atmosphere for companies to hold meetings and for the employee’s families for their social gatherings.


Why Sawadi Grand Chalets

Sawadi Grand Chalets is a 45-minute drive away from Muscat in Wilayat Barka in the vicinity of the renowned Al Sawadi Beach. The resort is home to five single and double chalets in addition to spacious reception halls for men and women.  There is a special care for children in the Resort with an air-conditioned hall equipped rides and games in addition to outdoor playground fitted with safe and secure rides installed by a specialized American company. A small size grassed football pitch. . The Resort also features a volleyball playground and an outdoor large swimming pool for adults in addition to some pets such as birds including peacocks, Arabian deer and parking area for 60 cars.

All rooms have air-conditioned seating areas with a sofa and a balcony overlooking the garden to enjoy the nature and luster of the garden.

The Resort is ready for organizing customized special services for holding official and social occasions with all the required facilities.